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The Science of Smoke by Dr. Matt Lowrance, The BBQ Doctor

Smackers BBQ Seasoning Tips: This is a Before and After Seasoning.

After cooking, apply more for more flavor.  The more you use, the better it gets.  We put an even coat on top right after cooking while the meat is still moist and hot because it draws the flavor into the meat better.

BBQ Teams

If you are not winning trophies, isn't it time to change something?  This is the simplest solution to boost your teams' score.  You don't have to add anything to this to "make it your own."  The main reason most teams are not winning trophies is that they refuse to change and usually blame their loss on another team member, or the weather, or something went wrong with the cooker.

Send me an email, if you would like some special help on improving your team.   We have learned a lot of team secrets from judging many of the Top 20 teams in the nation and we'll do our best to help you.  We will be happy to arrange bulk prices by the pound for displaying a Smackers BBQ Seasoning banner at your contests.  You can even sell Smackers at your booth, or at catering events, fundraisers, or to help raise cash for your team.

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