The Backyard Stacker All Drawer Smoker.

2010 "Award of Excellence" National BBQ Association

Introducing the World's First All Drawer BBQ Smokers!

Until now all other smokers shared the same fault: When you open the lid, door, or dome you lose your smoke, heat, flavor, charcoal and a lot of cooking time!

NOW: Open Drawers, Check the Meat, Keep the Smoke and the Heat.

The top drawer of the Stacker.
The water pan for the Stacker. The serpentine fire basket of the Rib Stacker. More efficient, angled water / drip pan creates natural convection with indirect heat. Serpentine partitioned fire basket creates a burn trail for even cooking temperatures.

The Backyard Stacker

The Backyard Stacker from Smackers BBQ.
The Backyard Stacker from the side.
New 10" super duty "never flat" wheels and optional stainless steel sidebar handles.
2 deep cooking drawers with a pair of double decker
removable grates in each drawer for cooking your choice of shoulders, butts,
brisket, ribs, or chicken.
The Backyard Stackers top drawer.
The back panel of the drawer keeps the smoke, heat & moisture inside while the drawer is open. Shown with upper grate removed for cooking larger meats like shoulders and butts.


    The Backyard Stacker Smoker

  • The Backyard Stacker with 2 Deep Cooking Drawers. Cooks all 4 KCBS categories on one smoker. Ideal for cooking shoulders, butts, whole-packer brisket, etc. Now comes standard with 2 extra stainless steel cooking grates to double your capacity for ribs, brisket flats, and chicken pieces
  • Cooks 20 Baby Back slabs with 10-12 lbs. of charcoal in 3.5 hours at 225-250 degrees!
  • High temp powder coat paint
  • Only 5 1/2 feet tall
  • Double walls with 1000 degree fire-resistant insulation
  • Cool touch stainless steel handles
  • Tel-Tru Thermometer
  • Everything is removable for easier cleaning.
  • NEW! Now with 10" Never Flat Tires for easier rolling on rough surfaces.
  • NEW! Now with high-temperature adjustable & removable silicone oven gasket for easier cleaning.

    Buy Your Stacker Drawer Smoker Now!

    Backyard Stacker


    BBQ Ribs going on the Rib Stacker  smoker.
    BBQ Ribs on smoker with Smackers BBQ Seasoning being added.
    Loading the Backyard Stacker with babybacks during the snow. Smackers was applied after smoking the ribs for 2 1/2 hours. They will cook another hour.
    BBQ Ribs on Rib Stacker cooked after 3 1/2 hours. BBQ Ribs completely cooked after 3 1/2 hours.
    3 1/2 hours total time on the Backyard Stacker and these ribs are ready to eat. If your ribs don't look like these, then, it's time for some Smackers and a new smoker.

    BBQ Ribs with Smackers: If your ribs don't look like this, you need Smackers!If your ribs don't look this these, then you need some Smackers BBQ Seasoning and a Smackers Stackers!

    Download the PDF brochure.

    These two smokers are available by special order. Please allow 6-8 weeks for manufacturing.

    Shoot us an email for more information on getting your own Backyard Stacker BBQ Smoker!

    Be one of the first to own one of these revolutionary NEW patent-pending smokers. You work hard and have little time to play. You've always wanted a great smoker. It's time to reward yourself!

    The Backyard Stacker Drawer Smokers...

    Nothing else stacks up!


    The Backyard Stacker is property of Smackers BBQ, LLC. Patent Pending.
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